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we offer unique and fast Business loan programs with simple Application process and less paperwork's. we offer flexible payback tram with incredible programs.


Borrowing more than enough capital can often be just as stressful as not having enough. We’ll help you get a small business loan that’s right for you. You’re more than a credit score.

Turned down by the banks for a loan for your small business? We know the right help at the right time can mean everything to a small business owner. we offer flexible payback terms with incredible programs.

Committed to helping enormous businesses
Committed to be with you at your good and bad time
We are very flexible at your bad season
We care businesses to grow
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Helping find solutions
for customers

Bluesky Funding is a business lending company from Ny. We have been helping several businesses of different categories from the very beginning of our journey. Our process of applying is very easy and fast which you can get funded same-day as well you can use it within the same day. We believe in the Relationship of business and we always care for our existing clients even if some of our clients use our financing program 3 times a year and some of them pay off early with a 3​5% to 45% discount which depends on relations between clients and us.
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